Wholesale Bundle of 50 - Premium Name Brand Hair & Makeup Products

Wholesale Bundle of 50 - Premium Name Brand Hair & Makeup Products

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Product Description:

This is a premium bundle of Cosmetics/Makeup which ONLY includes Name Brands like we offer here on Hair And Makeup ASAP aka HAMASAP.com including: Covergirl, Revlon, Maybelline, Milani, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Hard Candy, Touchback, CND, L'Oreal, Rimmel, etc. This bundle will consist of a random assortment of our Overstocks and Shelf Pulls.

The picture is to give you a visual general idea of the types of products that can be included, however we get a very wide range of products that are either geared toward Online or Offline Sellers. Our current bundles will include an assortment of the Name Brands like listed above. Again, these are either New Shelf Pulls or New Overstock.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: We usually buy by the Pallet which is a LOT when it comes to makeup, so Wholesale is important to us, in order to keep our inventory under control. We give you the option of Online Seller Package and Offline Seller Package. It is very important that you select the package that describes what you're doing best. We know from experience that happy customers that make very good profits are return customers that buy very often. We do not want a Wholesale customer that is buying the wrong package therefore we are wasting each others time. As you may or may not know the types of products that sell Online are not the same as Offline. Our warehouse specifically gears packages for Online Sellers or Offline Sellers. You can start slow with one package at a time if you like, however keep in mind we have experience, if you follow our lead you WILL make money!